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PUBLISHED: 2020-09-26

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Alien oviposition reproduction is still unclear to our scientists. What we know so far, is that male aliens come to our planet to deposit eggs inside of human receptors, which should be completely willing, consentient and desiderous to have alien eggs implanted in their uterus and complete the process. They can see the right woman from her eyes. The male alien sexual organ, also known as Alien dick, push through the alien urethra the male eggs, which are fecunded by the receptor human uterus for reasons that are unknown to us; The fecundation time seems like to be pretty fast, and usually leads to the human female multi orgasm (which is unclear to alien scientists). After depositing the eggs and completing the process, the alien bulbourethral glands get inflamed, resulting in a ejection all his spooge on the now new-alien-mom.

Hentai made to reality.
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